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Missouri is a "front plate state". I was stopped the other day by a road block set up by the Highway Patrol. I don't know about other states, but in Missouri, one doesn't really want to mess with the State guys. yes sir, no sir are appropriate responses to most of their questions! He said they had set up the block for a "safety" check..ummmm ok sir, whatever. He walked arouind the car, which is minus the required front plate, leaned over and asked for license and registration. oh dammmm i thought, the ONLY thing i can think of to bring this on is the front plate. I told him I would have to get out of the car to get the license, since it was in my wallet in my back pocket and I couldn't retreive it without getting out. Put his hand on the door, looked at me, and said.. have a nice day sir. whew... Thank you sir... I hope you catch whoever you're looking for.

I've been front plate-less for about a year and a half in the Boxster. Stopped a couple of times by local gendarmes (sp???), but never ticketed for anything!!! let alone no front plate. Stopped a couple of times by the state guys in various road blocks for who knows what, never ticketed or even suspected. lol. Either I'm very, very lucky, or they really don't give a hoot about the front plate. Now, I HAVE heard a couple of stories about the proverbial meter maids issuing tickets for front plates, but those are, at best, second hand, and somewhat suspect, given the source. Besides, if I ever DO get asked about it, its in the front trunk, behind the spare tire.... really it is. I'm waiting for the part to come in from the dealer so I can install it.

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