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I've been pulled over for it on two separate occasions, once in the Boxster and the other in our 2006 S500. The Boxster actually was ticked while parked; I was walking up to my car after a long hard day at...the beach... and asked the parking officer (if they really are officers) what was going on. This FAT parking lady said "sir you have no front license plate so I am ticketing it for you, next time you should think about that". The Mercedes incident pissed me off a little bit more because the car came FROM THE FACTORY with no pre-drilled holes for a plate in the front. There is NO WAY to put it on unless u zip tie it to the grills or put it in the window. The officer cited me anyway go figure. With that one he said "next time you buy a car you should check to make sure it has holes for license plates". I’m sitting there thinking yes next time I go and buy a 100k car ill ask the sales person "so does this car have those cool license plate holes, or is that a separate package". So stupid.

I've even been pulled over in the Boxster so the officer can check and make sure my car was legally off the ground. Apparently my headlights need to be 36" off the ground or something like that and yeah it was actually “above the legal limit”.

As much as I respect those who serve the community and put their lives at risk for us, some of the stuff they do is just plain stupid.

Sorry for the rant….

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