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hey get on ebay and some guy is selling them not painted for 120.00. well thats the last bid. i bought them from this same company that you are inquirying about. they did a really good paint job, they looked amazing on the car.

so easy to install. jack the car up and they go right into factory holes already in the bumper, just screw it in. you do have to drill 2 holes. i just got a screw and screwed it in and screwed it out, and i had a hole. you have to drill the holes on both sides of the exhaust, so one for the right side and one for the left side.

really expensive though, i paid the same amount. i just sold mine to boggtown, because i bought a rear skirt for the back, and had to take off the diffusers. i sold them for $100, took a huge loss....sucked.

i did get a lot of compliments on them!
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