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I knew someone would deny that F1 cars have automatic transmissions.
A debate about the character of F1 trannies belongs on a F1 discussion group, not necessarily here, and I brought the subject up of course to point out that the most technically advanced vehicles on the planet have transmissions that do not depend on the driver depressing a pedal and wiggling a stick on the floor to change gears.
Prior to this season, the driver did not even have to flip the paddles, the transmission would shift up and down by itself under the control of an on-board computer, without action on the driver's part. My admittedly simple mind tells me that is an "automatic transmission". Not necessarily a torque converter automatic transmission I grant, but an automatic transmission nonetheless.
The Porsche Tiptronic transmission upshifts and downshifts by itself, under the control of an on-board computer. Egad!
This whole thing started because a prospective Boxster purchaser asked for help in deciding between two cars, one a Tiptronic and one a 6-speed. Said purchaser indicated an unfamiliarity with manual transmissions. Nevertheless, the recommendation from respondents was to get the 6-speed, and the reasons given for that recommendation had more to do with their own idea of what a "sports car" is than any objective evaluation of the needs of the purchaser.
My contrarian position was, and is, that if you want a Tip, get a Tip.
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