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Originally Posted by Grizzly

When I say I have bad water, I mean I have bad water. Keeping the cars nice is not easy at all. I wash them indoors and still have difficulty with deposits. The silver car doesn't look bad unless you get down and look across the paint. Then, yes, you can see the water spots. The picture below is what I did to the rear window of my Mach 1 before I realized how bad the water really is. Nothing will take this damage out. Not even heavy glass polish and a Makita buffer. I need to find a new rear window with the defroster wires. No easy task.
Grizz, that's bad, I agree. I also wash my black Box with well-water and there are water spots but they are gone after a quick wipe on/off with Meguiars NXT spray wax. The car being new, it remains to be seen if there will be cummulative effects of the deposits over time. I too may need to consider water softening solutions like this one. Glad to see that it works.

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