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Coming from Europe, it's very different view I guess, since here manual equips most of the Porsches (not to talk vast majority of cars anyway) and talking to dealers, Tiptros are much difficult to resell. Most of the cars they sell are manual...The only automatic transmission I liked was the SMGII on the E46 M3, and that's because it's not automatic. To me their'd be a discussion manual vs. robotized (similar to F1 as atomichead described) if Porsche had one, but manual vs. tiptro...hmmh...a complete no brainer. If I want to use the full potential of this engine on Switzerland twistie roads, be able to resell it more easily and of course practice heel and toe :-) , then manual is the way. On top of that i think their gearbox is very precise for a cable driven one. Coming from BMW world, which is more direct (no cables), and very precise too, this was a big why not have the best stick there is (or close to it)...
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