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I will also add that I don't have experience with Avon, but by replacing them with Michelins (unless the Avon's are worn out) it will only move the driving limit slightly (unless you are going from a tread rating of 400 to 200). Do you really need to get a little more grip for everyday driving or would it make more sense to simply slow down a little bit?

My Goodyears were a huge improvement over my Michelins but it was because the Michelins were worn out. Yes, even Michelins get crappy when they have a lot of miles on them. With the worn out Michelins I had to adjust my driving because of the problem you experienced with the car wanting to spin.

All this goes out the window if you track the car or do autocrosses. If you do these types of events buy a second set of wheels/tires as wearing out a $1000k set of regular tires seems a little silly when you can buy 17" race tires for $500 and throw them on $500 worth of old rims.
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