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I've driven neither nor do I own either (obviously) yet. I wouldn't even consider the tip. If I wanted an automatic, I'd buy another sedan. A Porsche was meant to be a stick. I drove a 944 with a standard transmission for a while. To be honest it was not the easiest of sticks to drive because it had such a light clutch. My brother tried to take his driving test in it and failed becuase of "unsmooth shifting." however I let a friend drive it who had a license and a 5-speed VW and killed it five times at a light. (I woudln't have let her drive it I hadn't been really ill at the time.) Anyway, I'm not going to tell anyone not to like what they like. If you want an auto, get one. But if you are on the fence, I think it's a shame to drive a car that is mean to be really DRIVEN with an auto. It just takes the whole experience out of driving. All that being said, if you do buy the stick, I'd rent one or something before you try it on your Porsche to learn. Or shoot, even buy a junker for cheap and learn and get rid of it. I don't know, it's been so long since I learned how and when I did I was also learning to drive, so maybe it's not as bad when you already know how. Good luck on whatever you choose though. I'm envious becuase I have still a while to wait before I can buy one and am stuck with my Ford Explorer for a couple more years.
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