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Originally posted by QporscheQ [/i]
Porsche is actually very concerned that the C2 Cabbie with Tiptronic is their best selling 911. Basically, it is the slowest and least performing of the lot.[/QUOTE]

^That is because far to many people that buy 911s/boxsters don't even ever stand on the gas or drive it like it's meant to be driven. They just like to look pretty while they cruise in their status symbol over to the local starbucks.

Originally posted by QporscheQ [/i]
As far as manual/tip I find the Boxster manual as one of the best manuals for bumper to bumper I have ever driven. Just slow down, take your feet off all the pedals and the car muddles along at 5 mph with out any driver input. It will not stall unless you hit the break.

My car stalls if you don't give some gas I believe. Most people that try out my car stall it.

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