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If there are an inordinate number of women buying Porsches, they're buying Boxsters, not 911s. All you have to do is read some of the posts on other Porsche web sites, where Boxsters are referred to as chick wagons, wimpmobiles, and worse, to come to that conclusion. Apologies to leJolierogue and LoveBunny, I mean no disrespect.
I seriously doubt that Porsche is "concerned" about their best selling 911 having an automatic transmission. They are more likely to be rubbing their hands together and scheming a way to jack up the price premium for the Tipper to more than the exhorbitant three grand or so that it is already.
My real point in all this is to argue that the prospective purchaser should look at their (real) needs and desires and purchase a car that fills those needs. If a Tiptronic car is appropriate, get one, and don't feel that you have somehow compromised the character of the car, because in my opinion, that is not so.
My first car was a XK150 Jag, and I have had I don't know how many sports cars since then, all of them except for the Box with manual transmission. I like the Box the best of the lot, and a good part of that is the Tipper.
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