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Originally Posted by mykel
My boxster has only 6wires coming from the head unit leading to the amp. I have the pac oem 2 and a pioneer avic d2 nav system. The pac eom 2 needs 4 wires from the factory stereo. Obviouslly 2 fronts and 2 rears. Technically i dont have rears but i do have dash speakers and door speakers. I can assume that 4 wires, front left front right, door right , door left. then there are 2 left over. anyone have any idea. i am just speaker wires away from my install. porsche does not want to admitt that they have radio wiring diagrams. Please advise

Please note: This is what worked on my 97 Boxster with Door Speakers. You don't have your year listed, so take this with a grain of salt. On my Boxster, the radio itself had a wiring diagram on the top of it, which was REALLY, REALLY helpful. Thanks Porsche

Again, this is my Boxster, use this wiring diagram at your own risk:

On my 6-wire amp connection, the wiring colors were:
#1 - Lineout Left Rear - Red/Blue
#2 - Lineout Right Rear - Red/Yellow
#3 - Chassis Ground - Brown/Blue
#4 - Lineout Left Front - Purple/Red
#5 - Lineout Right Front - Green/Red
#6 - Switched (Amp Turn on - Blue on your new deck) - Black/Red

Now, As far as I can determine, the Rears aren't used, unless you have the rear speaker pack option (or buy one off ebay), as you can't adjust the dash and doors independently.. I just figured I'd connect my rears in case I get a chance to install speakers in the rear some time.

It sounds to me like the two wires that you're missing are the Ground and Amp Turn On.. without those, your amplifier will never turn on, and you'll never get sound.

Hope this helps!

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