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Pre part out feeler

I have a 986 Boxster S. I have finally admitted to myself. Iím never going to finish the rebuild of it. So I want to hand it onto someone who will. If somebody wonít buy the whole thing, Iím going to part it out, but no parts for sale yet. 113k on chassis give or take.

2002 Boxster S red leather, nice stereo top little rough body little rough.

I have only put 4000 miles on it and before I did that I put all these new parts on:
Terret engineering, sway bars, front and rear
TRW all suspension components
All brake components
Rear wheel bearings
K Sport coil lovers
Auto meter oil, pressure oil temperature gauges
Cold air intake
MAF sensor

The engine had a valve spring break while doing autocross and the engine partially ate itself so I bought a used block and had it machined to 101mm (3.8 liter) by LN. while it was in there, they rebuilt my IMS shaft and pinned it, and installed an IMS solution. I bought forged rods for 900. No expense with spared when the block was in there

I bought two used heads with 25,000 miles on them. As I had had a valve spring break, I brought new Porsche valve springs to replace the valves on these before installation.

Then I bought all the parts you need to rebuild the internals of one of these engines, Most of it genuine, Porsche.

As I am racing the car I bought headers and as I drive it on the street I bought catalytic converters high flow.

The transmission had second gear go out, so I sent it to CMS transmissions in Arizona and had them put in a Quave differential and go through it a little bit and then put it back together. They put a special thing on the second gear that they build that will prevent it from popping out again.

It has wheel studs, 17 inch wheels, a set of four auto cross wheels with tires, litronics.

So the state you would get it in it is a roller complete except for engine and transmission. All the engine parts and transmission are in my climate controlled garage in boxes.

All the other parts would be sold to you to pack and do a trailer. You would have to come pick all this up.

So this is a feeler post, I know I could make about 20 grand parting it all out but if somebody wants to continue my project, Iíd sell everything for $15,000.

If any of this sounds intriguing drop me a line, if it doesnít sound in tree move on by. And youíll start seeing parts for sale post from me in about a month.



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