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Ze new Spähwagen: Der Wüsten Boxster

The terrible 1999 black Boxster is gone now. I kept the engine and some other useful parts and gave the rest to a friend to do whatever he wants. He may part it out or put a Honda drivetrain in it.

That gets me down to eight 986s on hand now: Orient Red '01, Arena Red '99, White '01 Tip, '04 SE, Blue '02S parts car, Black '04 Parts car, The Frog, and the Xbox. Long ago I said that six was too many, so I still have some work to do.

I want to turn my attention to the arena red '99 soon. Parts should arrive from Pelican soon to refresh the engine from the Terrible '99: It's getting a Pierburg water pump, fresh bolts for the flywheel, clutch plate and axles, engine mount, AOS, RMS, Spark plug tubes, ...maybe replace the idler pulleys and cam chain pads. The engine ran well when removed, but was very dirty with oil leaking from the spark plugs and possibly elsewhere. I'll probably just pull the outer seal on the IMS bearing and keep it. I plan to take the aerokit parts from the Blue '02S and have them painted an put on the '99.
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