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Originally Posted by redpepperracing View Post
If the calipers you have are stamped 996* (basically any number starting with 996) then they are S calipers. I don't know if you are posting pics of what you have, or what someone is selling, in one picture there3 is a 986, in one there is a 996, so do with that what you will
First post is what i buy, second pics is from internet to show that non S part number on paper and stamped with 996.
1999 boxster S and non S uses 292x20mm brake rotors
2000 boxster S uses 299x24mm brake rotors
Same part numbers different calipers.
The one that fit my project is from 2000 boxster S / Cayman and 996 (im gonna put a 280x22mm brake rotor, for that I need those that fit the bigger brake rotors 299x24mm )
REARS will be either red, silver or gloss black
BOXSTER REARS are a dull anodized black finish(like this i purchased)
There is an M6 hole drilled next to where the brake line connects.

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