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Originally Posted by ReDeeMeR View Post
There are about 125,000 miles on the vehicle. The only part of the suspension replaced that I am aware of was about 12 year and it was the driver's side rear wheel bearing. Tires are in good condition, even wear, all-seasons.
ReDeeMeR, at that mileage, all of the suspension components should be replaced, but if you shop around you can save some good money on the parts, and if you do it yourself, you will learn a lot about your car but also you will save a lot of money on the labor cost..

Basically, you should replace all of the components already mentioned by tecora, And also the four struts (shock absorbers), you will end with an old car that has regained the handling of when the car was new..

If you are keeping the car, with the fresh suspension it will make you feel that you are driving a nice, tight car (new car feeling).
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