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Calipers indefication 986/987

Hi. So i will do the rear dual calipers on VAG car.
I purchased the calipers from 986/987 Boxster Cayman with pat numbers

996 352 421 - 206679 01
996 352 422 - 206679 02
Also will use creation motorsport adaptors
"brake adapters to allow fitment of rear Porsche 996 / Porsche Boxter S / Brembo brake calipers"
The question is the Porsche Boxster 986 non S model and the S models use the same part numbers for calipers, but
from what I've read so far, the rear brakes of the "S" model use a thick disc while the non-"S" model use a thin one
The adaptors are for 280x22 brake discs. The seller doesn't know what car the brakes were removed from, and I can't tell from the numbers if they are from S or non S model. Any help will be good, Thanks!

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