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Orient Red 2001... I'm not planning to do a full restoration on it, but I want it to be a decent driver. After I put some miles on it, I'll have a better idea of where I want to go with it.
The top was not original and was in terrible shape with no back window, side pulling away at the window edge and the liner hanging down. I swapped on a glass window top from an '04. One of the top transmission seems to have a bad gear and a push-rod end is broken. I removed the linkages and have the top set for 'manual mode'.
The left radiator was cracked and the support frame bent. That has been replaced and the system checked for leaks. There's some undercarriage damage to the body of the car there, but it is cosmetic damage in a place that it not easily visible.
The electronic hood latch mechanism is missing, so the hood needs to be unlatched with the manual cable. I put an Aero Kit ii bumper cover on the car for now and routed the cable to the right grill.

I found that it was running a little rough with a misfire on #1 cylinder. When i pulled off the right rear wheel and looked it was obvious what the problem was. The coil was hanging from the wire - kind of hard to get a good spark from there.

I have plenty of good used coils from engines that I've scrapped, so I didn't even try reinstalling that one. I also installed a Bosch MAF sensor to replace the odd looking no-name sensor it had.

It appears to have a decent aftermarket muffler (maybe Top Speed), but I haven't looked at it in detail yet. The aftermarket headers are terrible. Poorly aligned welds and a design that makes me think it was a quick copy by a manufacturer that didn't quite understand the engineering.

If I can get the bolts out smoothly, I'm going to put a pair of stock headers on. The engine is running well now except for a fault code for an O2 sensor - that will be corrected when I put good headers on.

Edit: Tires... I have to mention the tires. All four tires are different. Michelins from 2010 and 2016, one off-brand front that I don't remember, and a two year old Kenda KR20A. I may get some more Kendas to go with the one good tire.
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