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Originally Posted by NotthatJake View Post
I am new to this so sorry if this is incorrect, but where did you find the 74 mm TB that fits the 986/987 IPD plenum?
I have the original 2.5 tb but am trying to find the upgraded TB and am not having any luck so I am curious if there is a throttle body spacer or adapter that is out there to mate these two? Have you heard of an adapter?
@notthatjake I just saw your question, for the 2.5 as it is a throttle-cable TB, you would have to find an equivalent 996 cable operated TB, and I'm not sure on the sizing of those. I presume they are larger, but your options are much more limited there, none of the 987 ones will work.

In terms of an adapter, the best option is to use the associated "Intermediate Piece" (I think that's what Porsche calls it)

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