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Welcome! Below are the items I addressed shortly after getting mine. Might want to check some of these items on yours.

2001 Boxster s 62k
- water pump - was on its last legs
- one rear wheel bearing - totally shot but not making any noise
- vacuum reservoir- was throwing emission codes
- spark plugs/tubes/coil packs - sounds like you got that covered
- windshield sprayer - hose was disconnected behind the fender liner
- brake fluid flush - one front caliper was dragging
- 987 engine mount - made a big difference in clutch feel and engagement. Mine was cracked and could be checked by looking under the car or behind seats.
- gear oil change - no history of being done
- fuel filter - no history of being done
- 987/997 shifter - would probably go with the Ben uniwerks one instead.
- raceseng circuit sphere shift knob - highest quality part in the interior
- bilstein PSS9 coilovers and corner balance - probably over kill for me I would probably do Koni special actives and M030 springs

- tons of other small things…badges, fewer speakers, etc.

Lots of fun! Lots of money 😂
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