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Originally Posted by flmont View Post
Hey Guy's,..I will be rebuilding a 2000 3.2 ltr engine, And Iam curious on how can you build for more Torque and HP,..Iam interested in more Torque first,with more HP as a bonus if thats possible,I already have the 987 airbox,74 mm TB,and plenum..I will be running headers also,..but I also want hi-way speeds aswell,..say a crusing speed of 80-90 MPH,..can you get the best of both world's ??
Thank's for the help.! Frank
You're on the right track.
Bolt-on's will only net you so much, but there is a gain to be had.
In order of ROI:
1. Exhaust; headers, cats, mufflers. (Get it to breathe out)
2. Intake; airbox, plenum, tb. (Get it to breathe in)
3. Tune. I got one from VR Tuned. they send you a kit to flash your own using your laptop. Truth on this: you won't see higher peak numbers, but you'll get much more acreage under the curve. Trust me; it's worth the $800 or so. But do it last. get all the other parts together and working first.
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