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Hello all,

My name is Mike and I recently purchased a 2000' Boxster, 2.7L. (96,000 miles currently)
I have big plans for this car. I stumbled across this forum and believe I have finally found a community of likeminded individuals with significantly higher levels of knowledge and experience than myself.

I'm still new to working on cars, but I have done a few basic tasks.

Here's what I have already done since owning the car:
- Oil Change
- Single DIN Stereo Unit Installed (Got this done professionally, and made the LEDs match the Orange/Amber LEDs of the rest of the interior. It looks very clean and works perfectly with no issues.
- Drilled and Slotted Rotors with Carbon Fiber Ceramic Pads
- All spark plugs and coil packs replaced

Here's a list of things that are currently faulty with my car:
- My car cannot lock. Every time I turn the key in the door lock to lock my car, my car will beep and then my anti-theft alarm will start sounding after about 10-15 seconds.
- The key fob does not work for locking or unlocking my car (potentially just the key-fob battery, but I haven't checked yet)
- My passenger window recently starting making a scratching noise when being operated.
- My ignition cylinder does not return to the ON position like it should. It remains in the START position and the accessories do not power on in this position. I have to manually rotate the key counterclockwise to the ON position after starting my car to get my accessories to power on.
- I believe I need an alignment and/or I need my wheels balanced. My car pulls slightly to the left while driving.

For those of you who are curious, here is a list of things I would like to do with my car:

- New wheels; but I'm considering just paining or dipping them. I currently have the OEM wheels.
- Short Throw Shift Kit
- Cat-Back Exhaust
- New Suspension (I want my car to be lower and stick through corners better)
- Body Kit
- De-Badge (I want to keep the Porsche Badge on the front, but I plan to remove the "Boxster" logo on the rear and replace it with my car's name)
- Potentially want to add a spoiler, but I'm not sure how well that would look and I'm seeking inspiration and advice from those who have done this.
- Replacement Soft Top (Glass window instead of plastic)
- After all of this, I plan to start making more power.

Any and all advice is desired and appreciated.
More to follow, - Mike.
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