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I dropped off the Xbox in Texas last weekend. The founder of the 'Gambler 500 Rally' is flying in from the west coast for a big function in Dallas and needed a car to stand next to and 'represent'. A common friend gave me a call and asked if I'd loan it to him for the show. Hell yeah.

Meanwhile back at home I started work on putting an M96 engine back in the Frog. The engine cradle that I had a local fabricator make a few years ago will not work to do the V8 swap and that stalled my motivation. Now I need the car ready for rallycross in March and the configuration that Woody had with a 2.7L running on a 996 intake and exhaust is more than enough power to run on dirt.

I've got a 2002 engine that was reported as having under 90k miles. It looks a little rough, so I'm not planning to dump a lot of time and money into it unless it makes it through the season. Four holes drilled and tapped to mount the lower intake runners. SAI blocked off. Fresh water pump and AOS, but I'm not replacing the IMS bearing, flywheel and clutch for now.

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