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Originally Posted by NotthatJake View Post
Hey I have my cats, upgraded muffler, afe air filter, and I still have the stock plenum and original TB. I did try to put on an IPD plenum but the bolt pattern didn’t align so I put it all back to normal minus the few beginning mods.

I am having the same issues as you mentioned. The car starts, I can rev for three seconds and have to let off the gas or the car dies just like you described. You said the problem went away when you put the original TB back on. What do I need to check now because I am at that same point but I am having issues. I don’t have a tune either. Any suggestions?
Are you having problems only at higher rpms? Does the engine run fine at idle?
Do you have any codes and what are your fuel trims?
Is your AFE filter the oiled or the dry one?
Have you disconnected your battery recently?

Edit: Seems like you have been searching for the part number for the 996 cable throttle body. The part number is 99611006553 in case you haven't found it yet.
I have it on my -99 boxster and have had no problems.

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