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A brief walk around of the '04 SE today:

I'm planning to get back to work on some Boxster projects soon.
  • I'd like to get the engine installed in the Arena Red '99 and mix it into my line-up of daily drivers.
  • The Frog needs to be put together and running for Rallycross season probably by early March.
  • Next month the Xbox is going to Dallas for one of the 'Gambler 500 Rally' founders to display.
  • My wife's car needs the charcoal canister replaced and the clearcoat is getting bad.

Just to move things along, I'm strongly considering putting my spare 2.7L engine in the Frog instead of the Audi V8. For the V8 swap, everything needs to come back out and a new subframe/engine mounting needs to be fabricated. Since most of the wiring in the Frog is still intact, reverting to the 2.7L with the 996 intake and tune is simple. It ran great with the 2.7L (until it didn't). The blue '02 S can become the V8 project car and even be street legal, which the Frog can't.

So much I want to do, it's hard to decide what's next.
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