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I dropped the shark off at my mechanic friend's shop on Aug 28. He was going to cont tracking down the AC issue of no juice to the compressor. He seemed to work on it occassionally but tracked it down to the AC button on the dash. It supposedly has two functions when you push it on and 1 of those functions wasn't sending juice. Was the problem the button or somewhere down line? After several wks of tracking, he suggested I get a new button. I checked with a few RennList friends but no one had a button specific for an 89. I ended up ordering it from an Atlanta Porsche dealer who had the best price. But there was never an update with a tracking #. I called them and after some investigating, they had to order it from Germany and it could take 5-7 wks. Ouch. So I contacted my friend and asked him to do the 4 whl alignment I needed and then I'd take her home and wait for the part with fingers crossed. He got the alignment done and I brought her home Oct 11.

Luckily, the part arrived in late Oct. I was busy with company arriving for several days, so it wasn't until the 1st w/e of Nov before I could give it a try. Plugged it in, connected the battery, and said a quick prayer. Unfortunately, it didn't click the compressor on. More work to track it down, but I have time to try myself or take it back in late winter. On to other pressing issues.

The last fuel hose needed replacing. It's shaped like a U from the factory and sits behind and below the MAF.

You can't see it in the 2nd pic, but it's connected to the 2 gold diaphram objects on either side of the MAF. I've had the MAF off at least 3 times, so the plan was to remove the MAF to give more room to remove the fuel line. Except the MAF didn't want to come out of the hose it sits in. So with a bit of corrective angles, I was able to get the nuts loose with the MAF in place (I'd loosened & tightened the nuts last summer so I didn't have to fight them now).

The replacement hose didn't look U shaped and I was confused. A call to the 928sRus cleared up the issue - the hose was to be looped around the fuel lines that go into the cooler (928s route their fuel lines into an AC area to keep the fuel cool). I found a pic on his website showing the routing and got the line connected and routed correctly. Here are a cpl of pics showing the new routing.

That completed the fuel and power steering lines replacement in the engine compartment.

I put the radio back in and it didn't fire up. Did some multimeter testing and found the fuse I'd put in the perm lines had blown. New fuse and now I have radio again.

Next up is to track down a gas smell that's getting stronger by the gas tank. There's an S shaped hose that goes from the filler neck to the tank that may need replacing. Or it's the line from the fuel pump to the front. It will mean a lift on the quick jacks and a removal of the rt rear tire. But I need to get it fixed as I don't need any fireworks. I do keep the fire extinguisher from my CSS in the back seat, just in case.

Speaking of the back seat, since I got her back, I've put the 2 back seats and the passenger seat back in, hopefully for the last time. I may have a line on a good dash. I'm #2 on the list. If #1 backs out, it's mine. That will be a nice winter project.
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