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Thanks Bruce.
Before I get to work on the '99 I want to finish up the silver 2000 S. After installing the engine, I found a couple things that need(ed) to be addressed.
There was a smell of coolant inside the car while driving it. I correctly suspected that the heater core was leaking.

Replacing it was not difficult, but the whole windshield wiper mechanism needed to be removed to reach it. While I was in there I put some flue tape on the heat flap door to replace the foam that had disintegrated.

Next I plan to pull the front bumper off and clean the radiators. It's running a little hotter than my other cars, which generally stay centered on the '8' of the '180' in normal driving conditions.

The brake pad warning light comes on occasionally. I found that the pads and rotors look okay, but the sensor is not installed in the pads on the left side. I will replace the sensor, but have not decided if I want to replace the 'still good' pads and rotors.
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