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The cold heavy rain stopped as I arrived to pick up the car. Aside from the bad engine it's in very nice condition for a 24 year old car. The seller had tried to replace the engine and keep it. After buying two supposedly good engines and finding them both to be in bad shape he became frustrated and found an '03 in need of minor repair and bought it as a replacement. In doing so, he needed a radiator, the front bumper and left fender from the '99, so I bought the car significantly discounted.

The interior looks well cared for and everything I've checked functions correctly. Eventually I'll give the leather seats a good cleaning and probably repair any minor cracking to keep the original interior in good shape.

The engine will come from the terrible '99, but I need to make a decision about what body parts to use to finish the car. The parts will need paint and I am very tempted to take the aero kit parts from the blue '02 instead of the rough bumper and fender from the '99. If I do the aero kit, this car will be a keeper for sure.

Note: Always lock or tape the fuel lid if you are towing a 986 backwards. I learned that with my rallycross car. The air flow can easily open it and rip it off the hinge.
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