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The engine has been removed from the Blue '02 S for a while now and is in my garage. It needs more clean up, but the transmission and flywheel are off and it's ready for me to replace the IMS bearing with a LN 'Single Row Pro' bearing.

I am thinking of selling the 6-speed transmission. The problem I have is that I can't test it to make sure that it's good.

Currently there are three 986 engines on my garage floor. A 2.7L from the Frog that has bad rod knock and chunks of metal in the oil, a 'good' 2.7L that had the wire to a variocam actuator cut during the previous owner's removal, and the good 3.2L that is getting ready for the silver car. Today I'm trying to strip all the useful parts off the chunky 2.7L so I can scrap the block next week.

Meanwhile I have a Honda CR-V and two Toyota Prii that I'm working on catching up on maintenance and fixing a few issues.
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