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Funny Happenings With Door and Frunk

Hi all

My 2004 986 S has developed a few strange symptoms of late. They might be unrelated, but I welcome any help in diagnosis!

First thing that happened was the Frunk refused to release on the switch. I could hear it actuating, but it didn't actually open. Went through the rigmarole of getting the wheelarch , ainer out and emergency release (since relocated to the towing eye!). I've replaced the actuator now and its been fine since.

I did notice the other evening that the frunk light wasn't on when I opened it, but I have seen it on since then. Weird, but seems resolved so far as I can tell.

On to the next issue; the drivers door window doesn't drop when I open either handle sometimes. I'd say about 10% of the time it works, the rest of the time I have to drop the glass on the window switch and then hold the lock button on the key to get it back in to the rubber.

Also, it does a double-honk, again sometimes. It seems to be that the double-honk wasn't there when the window drops correctly.

No pattern to when it works or doesn't work so far as I can tell.

When it does work, it works from both the interior and exterior handles. When it doesn't work, it doesn't work from either.

The window drops correctly when I unlatch the roof, and drop correctly when putting the roof back up.

It has full range of motion up and down, and I have done a full drop and full up with the ignition on (engine off) with door open and door closed. No change in behaviour as a result.

Any ideas where to be looking for an issue? The intermittency makes me think a switch somewhere is on its way out, but at a loss as to which switch or where it might be!
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