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I found a good deal on a sending unit and pump for the Blue Aero car, so I decided to get the engine running normally before I pull it. Installing the pump and sender is a little awkward due to the tight space. I found it best to install the pump, then lower the sender half way to connect the hoses and wires from the pump. The car started up on the second try after fuel primed through the system. I thought it was good, but it quickly stalled. Oops, the supply line wasn't fully seated on the sending unit and popped off. Lots of fuel in the driveway. Glad I wasn't in the garage.

I put the hose on correctly, cleaned the area and it started right up and ran great. Video:

Here's the mess of about 80 wire splices I did to get the immobilizer box connected. ...good practice for the solder heat shrink connectors. If I eventually build this car back up, I'll probably put a whole new cabin wire harness in.

The engine was filthy. I used a foaming upholstery cleaner on it and sprayed it on low pressure with my pressure washer. I'm now ready to remove the engine and prepare it for the silver 2000 S.

I am not an attorney, mechanic, or member of the clergy. Following any advice given in my posts is done at your own peril.

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