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I'm putting the AC to the side for right now...

After changinig the tie rods, the steering was way off (even tho I made sure the new rod was the same length as the old one). Tried to eyeball it square and it was better, but still off. Did some research and found a redneck way to do a front wheel alignment - run a string around the car with the string passing thru the center of each wheel. Then measure the difference between the front and back of the front tires and adjusting the tie rods until you get 1/16th of an inch more on the front of the tire vs the rear (equals the proper toe-in you want on front tires).

Ran a string from front to back.

The string does not touch the front tires. It's used to measure toe from the front and back parts of the wheel.

Perfect alignment is 1/16" longer measurement in the front of the tire, to produce a slight toe-in adjustment. The above pic is the left front tire, so the left measurement is slightly longer than the right.

Here's all the "tools" you'll need.

Got both wheels to 1/16" toe-in, then checked my steering wheel. I'd set it at straight across, but somehow it moved, so I had an 8-2 situation rather than 9-3. Started over again, this time making sure the stering wheel stayed in the proper place.

Took her out for a drive this morning and she drove great. Steering wheel is straight across and she doesn't pull to either side. Close enough for govt work.
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