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Originally Posted by rntrg View Post
Hi fellow 986ers,
... I was just showing it to a plumber and telling him about what Iíve been doing with it. He mentioned that you shouldnít open the doors when itís on the lift because it can bend the frame. I hadnít heard this before but I was wondering if anyone on here can corroborate that? Hoping I havenít inadvertently messed up the car! 😬


I would put this under the heading of urbain (or rural) myths. My cars have all spent considerable time on my Quickjacks, doors opened and doors closed depending what I was doing, with no problems.

I find it strange that the static force of the suspension hanging down would cause problems compared to the dynamic forces of driving over local (our) roads or more extreme situations like railroad crossings or hill crests where the car gets light before coming back down hard on the suspension.
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