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On Tuesday I got the Blue Aero car to run -on starter fluid.

I wanted to try out some solder heat shrink connectors to see how easy they were to use and how well the connection worked. Both of the connectors for the immobilizer box had been cut off from the wire harness on this car and that gave me about 80 wire connections to try out and practice with. It actually worked. *After I corrected where I had soldered the brown wire with the black stripe to the black wire with the brown stripe.

The car cranked and showed no codes, but didn't start. I suspected a fuel problem. There was fuel in the rail, but not much pressure. I doused the air filter with starting fluid and it started right up and ran for a moment. With a few more tries, it clearly was not getting fuel.

I removed the battery, battery mount, fuel hoses and wires, then pulled the sending unit and fuel pump out of the tank. The hoses from the fuel pump crumbled as I moved them. Clearly this is not worth trying to use or repair.

If anyone wants to give me a 'good condition' fuel sending unit from a 2002 - 2004 (earlier models are different), I'll take it. For the moment, I don't think I need to work on getting it running better. I am satisfied that the engine does run and will be good for the Silver S. Soon, I'll be pulling it out and prepping it for the swap.
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