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I had a good rallycross day with the '04 Parts Car. No spins and I managed to keep at least two wheels on the track the whole time.

My times were not awesome, but not terrible either. Every run had places that I can improve and I did improve through the day.

There was one minor oops at the beginning of the day. I took the car for some laps around a dirt circle. It's a good way to get a feel for when the wheels are going to slide and how the car will react. After completing some laps I couldn't resist going for a splash in a mud puddle. It was deeper than I thought. I had to walk a half mile to get a friend to pull me out.

The car ran a little hot for the rest of the day due to mud that hardened in the lower part of the radiators, but not to overheating.

While there, I picked up some Hoosier tires for The Frog that Woody sold me and had relayed with another rallycrosser from central Texas. -the brand new tires are in my tow vehicle

Monday, I spent about two hours cleaning the undercarriage and radiators. Ready for the next time I race it ...or ready to pull parts from for the next project.
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