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If I was any good at this stuff I'd be done with the engine swap in the Frog.

First off I hate the engine cradle that I had built. I've had it since 2017 and this is the third car I've tried using it in. Long story, but I had a local fabricator make it based on a picture and a cut-out engine compartment to fit it to. It almost works. I thought that this time I could do it, but the engine sits too high for the shifter cables to reach. Shims, spacers, hammer, no, no ,no. Grinder, torch, and welding required and at this point I'd rather pull it back out and start fresh.

A couple cars with the same engine swap have used a bracket attached where the AC compressor was mounted and bolted that to the stock 986 engine mount. Much simpler and proven to work. That's what I'm going to do now. ( )

First, before I pull the engine out again, I'm going to finish up the wiring harness. Today I got six wires connected. Yay. Not much of an achievement. What happened was that I found a mistake in my notes from 2019 and decided to go back through and continuity check all of the planned connections to make sure that the red wire with the violet stripe from DME D9 was indeed supposed to connect to the Audi ECU pin 73 through the white 10 pin connector, pin 10 with a yellow/violet wire. On and on... No more concern for the July 23rd deadline. Just keep the garage AC running, listen to good music and let it all get done when it gets done.

Looks like I'll use the '04 parts car once again. I'll spend a day stripping it for weight and use the doors and trunk lid (spoiler) from the Frog. She's gonna be ugly, but I'm going to have fun and might be closer to 'competitive'.
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