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I've had a couple 1970s BMW motorcycles in the garage for the last week for maintenance and projects. R60/5:

The Frog will be back in this evening and I'll work on getting the engine swap finished hopefully in time for a July 23rd rallycross. I am to the point now where I need to stay focused on that until it is done.

Woody sold me his old PST2 and I got it working well again with some parts from another antique laptop.

When the Frog is done, I think my top priority will be getting the 3.2L engine from the Aerokit car and putting it into the Silver S. After that's done I'm considering swapping the wire harness and drivetrain from the '04 parts car into the Aerokit car. That will be a bit of a mess due to the differences in model year (7.2 DME vs 7.8 and other various equipment differences.). I hate to strip out and scrap them both though and although it's a lot of work I should have everything needed at hand.
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