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The seal in the engine hoist seems to be holding up, I was able to lift the engine off the furniture dolly and it works like new.

I did a walk around of the new engine to be sure that everything is installed and that the wiring harness connectors and the vacuum lines are still in place.

When the recyclers removed the engine they cut some of the lines so I repaired the power steering and fuel return lines.

I had difficulty installing the spark plug tubes, perhaps because the o-rings are a bit larger than OEM... I broke one of the tubes while encouraging it to seat with a rubber hammer. So I made a tool to press the tubes in using a socket and the coil bolts. They popped right in with this.

The transmission, clutch and flywheel came off the 2.7 today and they will go on the 3.2 tomorrow. Then I can start installing the new engine.
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