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I ordered transmission mounts from PRG Products, the price is competitive and they should last a long time.
The half shafts are done... a job just as messy as the last time I did it.

I have a magnetic drain plug in the 2.7 engine but didn't feel like switching it over so I made my own with a small magnet and JB Weld.

What's the worse that can happen? Other than all the oil leaking out or the magnet separating from the plug and getting sucked into the oil pickup... I'll try it out for awhile and see how it works.

Meanwhile I have been trying to repair my cheap imported engine hoist which isn't able to hold the arm up anymore, even with no load. Couldn't find a proper seal anywhere so I bought this off Amazon.
I know nothing about hydraulics and I suspect this will not be up to the pressure in the hoist's cylinder but I am looking at this as a proof of concept. I see seals the same size with much higher load capacities that I will try if this one blows out. Today I installed the seal and I was able to lift the arm and it seems to be hold the pressure so far.
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