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Originally Posted by Grizzly
I repaired my Porsche with duct tape. Somebody stop me. Please.

After washing the car tonight, I decided to find out why I get water in one of my clear side markers. I pulled the light, got the water out, diagnosed the problem, and fixed it. Cool. Now, when I went to push the light back into the fender...CCCRRRRAAAACCCKKKK! Susefrusamotherfussa. The clip that holds it into the fender snapped off. So, I immediately ordered a new pair on ebay, but it's supposed to be 70 and sunny here tomorrow. How often does that happen in November? I rolled up a piece of duct tape, stuck it inside the fender and stuck the side marker into the tape.

I swear it's temporary! Will you guys still talk to me?!?!

You can't even see it! Really!! Guys? GUYS???

Dear Mr. Grizzly (in 1940s Hollywood-faux English accent),

I refer you to the 986forum By-laws, paragraph 12, paren b, subparen i, comma X, which states in CONSPICUOUS, easy to read, roman text that:

"the party of the first part (you) of the aforementioned entity (This website) shall not under under any circumstances engage in a course of conduct which shall demean, defile, desecrate or "enhance" the party of the first part's (your) Porsche Boxster with any and all products offered in the stream of commerce which are not specfically intented for repair on enhancement of the party of the first parts (your) Porsche without prior approval of Porsche, its assigns, heirs or other such appropriate afficonadae (that's us forum members). Such products include but are not limited to the following products named in their common useage: "spitballs, earwax, squirellpiss, elbowgrease, backbone, hangers, garbage ties, jerry-rigging, nylon rope, cotton rope, nylon rope [or any rope for that matter, except for for hemp rope if used in the Zuffenhausen lounge] ducttape [a.k.a.100mph tape, NASCAR tape, "Duck Tape"]. . . . . .

In the unlikely and extreme event the party of the first part (you) engages is such vial and detestable conduct to the party of the first part's Porsche, said party of the first part (you) shall not make under any circumstance make public delarations of such demeanation, defilation, desecration to said vehicle on said forum. . . .

. . . .Said Porsche afficianados (us) will not ever engage in such conduct nor tolerate those who do. . . .(you)

The penalty for such conduct is banishment from said forum. . . .

We do have certain standards to maintain.
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