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I have perhaps invented the eighth deadly sin

I repaired my Porsche with duct tape. Somebody stop me. Please.

After washing the car tonight, I decided to find out why I get water in one of my clear side markers. I pulled the light, got the water out, diagnosed the problem, and fixed it. Cool. Now, when I went to push the light back into the fender...CCCRRRRAAAACCCKKKK! Susefrusamotherfussa. The clip that holds it into the fender snapped off. So, I immediately ordered a new pair on ebay, but it's supposed to be 70 and sunny here tomorrow. How often does that happen in November? I rolled up a piece of duct tape, stuck it inside the fender and stuck the side marker into the tape.

I swear it's temporary! Will you guys still talk to me?!?!

You can't even see it! Really!! Guys? GUYS???
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