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Update: I've solved the problem! Actually 78F350 called it. Corrosion on the wiring harness to the immobilizer has been causing my no start. I used some electrical contact cleaner and it started up, I drove it to get some gas and after filling up, gave me some trouble turning back over but I suspect I just need to clean it a bit more. Took it for a good 20 mile drive to see how the new clutch feels and it feels great. Got some weird smells though, like clutch smells, so I'm going to need to double check with my mechanic to see if that's normal. I knew it was something simple. I just over looked the harness for whatever reason. I'm ecstatic I have this boxster back on the road and can now move on to the other pieces it needs like to replace the convertible top, new brakes, and cosmetic enhancements. Thanks for the help guys!
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