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Originally Posted by 99boxster986 View Post
Update: I've found a very helpful video on YouTube about diagnosing the no start and whittling down the possible causes. I've eliminated the clutch safety switch (bypassed it with a jumper wire) and tried the jumping the starter relay through pins 87 and 30. Now the car will crank no problem while the pins are jumped. I tested the relay but connecting the battery to it with some lead wires and I heard a click, but subsequent testing with a volt meter showed no continuity. So I have ordered a new starter relay and that should hopefully be my problem. But the question remains, why won't it run? I did see my gas was pretty much on empty. So I will add some more gas in the tank. Hopefully with this, the car will start. Will update as I find things out. Ideas and feedback greatly appreciated.
Again make sure ALL relays and fuses are good first.
If you don't know how to properly test a fuse or relay go to youtube.
Once you know for certain that all relays and fuses are good and you can get it to turn over with the key. If it will still not fire up then it is either not getting fuel or not getting spark.

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