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New clutch, New immobilizer, still no start, ideas?

So here's the story guys, I need any and all ideas as to what could be causing my 99 boxster 986 to still not want to turn over. Things I've replaced include the ignition switch in 2020 or 2021, and it worked fine after that. All the way up until the clutch burnt out and left it sitting for close to a year and a half. Now mind you I had been starting the car every so often to get the oil moving and coolant flowing with no problem. All the way until the beginning of may. I sent the car to get the clutch installed because I finally had enough cash to have the operation done by a reliable mechanic who has experience with porsche clutch jobs. Even he started it once before doing the job. Although he told me he had to try three times, which I figured was weird. Granted, it had been wet this year where I live and the back window is non existent. But I tried to cover it as best I could when I could. But it was inevitable that water got into my cabin and under my seat and corroded out my immobilizer unit. So clutch gets put in, mechanic tries to trouble shoot it but tells me he does deal with electrical issues, which is understandable. So I have the car towed home. I take out the seat and check immobilizer and it's toast. Which made sense as to what was happening and even the fact that I have no power window control. Everything pointed to that damn immobilizer. So I shelled out the $1224 to Specialized ECU Repair who have videos all over YouTube touting plug and play results. Sent them my key fob, my DCM/ECU, and the toasted immobilizer. I just got the new unit in today. So very excitedly, I went through the steps of reinstalling my DCM/ECU, my new and already programmed immobilizer unit, and the driver seat before plugging in the battery and trying to start the car. No luck. The mechanic told me he was messing with the relays in the back, he told me which ones he switched and so I switched them and instead of getting not even a click like before, I got a bunch of rapid clicks coming from the back trunk. Mind you, the clutch pedal is fully depressed and yes that dang carpet is out of the way to make sure. I'm so upset right now because I've spent close to 3k to make this car work and drive again and it has all the components but it just won't start. Also I still don't have power window control. And also my radio won't turn on, which it did before with my toasted immobilizer installed. Could it be something simple? (I also did drain all the water underneath the driver seat and squeezed that carpet out many times over the course of a month.) I currently have the battery on a charger and am hoping it's a case of the battery not being charged. But I'm not so sure. Because when it's a dead battery the dash and the climate control screen will dim and it won't turn over. This time everything stays lit with no dimming but I'm not getting any attempt for the car to turn over. Thanks in advance guys. Will update my troubleshooting on here for anyone experiencing the same issue. And yes, I have played with the steering wheel, it's not locked. I've tried putting the key in, leaving it on for a few minutes, taking it out, and then trying to crank it. But please, it feels like I'm missing something very obvious. 💀
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