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It has been awhile since I posted, I haven't been very efficient this spring and some house stuff took me away for a couple of weeks.
The replacement engine was almost ready... then I made a mistake that took awhile to correct, but I am almost back to where I was a month ago.
Meanwhile I started the process of removing the 2.7 engine that has been in the car since last fall. It sure goes a lot easier when the nuts and bolts haven't had time to rust up... and the fact that all the exhaust hardware is stainless steel. I'll be ready to drop the engine this week.
I have to change the outer CV boots, one is ripped and the other is barely hanging on, so I removed the half-shafts. The CV joints feel tight so I will disassemble and grease them while installing the new boots.
I found two new problems, the parking brake shoes are shot... and when I removed the rear wheels I realized that the wheel bolts are wrong, perhaps dangerously so.

On the left is one of the incorrect bolts, on the right a Porsche bolt. The shoulder of the Porsche bolt provides a lot of contact area between the bolt and the wheel, the other bolt has a contact area of only about a 1/16 of an inch wide. I can imagine the wheel being damaged by tapping a curb or even hard cornering over a bumpy surface. I will have to inspect the wheels. I had a similar problem with my 928, someone had installed non-Porsche wheels and used aluminum Porsche bolts from a 944 - they were all broken at the point where they contacted the wheel.
My buddy Newart came to the rescue with a box of Porsche bolts left over from when he converted to studs.
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