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I just bought Meir's Faultless IMS Tool and a Single Row Pro IMS kit from LN's blemish & return stock. I plan to put the bearing in the engine from the Blue Aero car before I install it in the Silver S.

I still don't know the exact status of the engine, but it turns by hand with good compression and the oil and filter look good. That project probably won't get started until the Frog is moved further along.

If the Blue Aero already has an upgraded bearing, I will probably put it in the '04 SE since I haven't got around to doing that one yet.

...and now I'm thinking I may get a couple rear main seals and a tool for that too. If anyone has a decent RMS Tool for about $35 (the eBay price for the cheapest one I'd trust), let me know. I've used PVC pipe once before and I'd rather have a proper tool.
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