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Thank you for all the replies.

The calipers do not seem to be sticking, the pistons are very free and smooth.
Pagid pads and PFC pads here in Canada are in the $550-$700 range. Not in my budget sadly. I wouldn't mind paying that if they lasted 4+ events but at 1 event per set, there's no way. I'm starting to wonder if it's just my driving style? Most people in DE are braking at the 250-100 foot mark and I brake at about 70-50 feet after the long back straight. I assume that anyone racing SPB would be braking in a similar way to me soooo....?

This next DE will probably be my last with the Boxster as I have acquired a 944 Track car and will most likely start to use that instead. The Boxster will become a dedicated street car.
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