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Thank you so much for the valuable information. You are right about getting my nomenclature right...

Usually picture a MAF as a pipe/sensor included as in my older bimmers... DIdn't know the MAF are was part of the 986 airbox.

Couple of questions please(actually 3 ) :
1) Any 996 tune will do it? I am sure there's a difference between the base and the S version.
2) I have the 997 TB/plenum (in combination with the 987 airbox). Do I need the 996 intake as well? Is that a must or a nice to have? Was planning on keeping the 3.2S intake intact.
3) Suggestion for the pipes/bends to connect from the airbox to the plenum?

Already got the exhaust, and downpipes (no secondary cats)... but keeping the stock headers/manifold due to the emissions regulations in my county.

Was planning on leaving my car stock (wishful thinking lol)... but I can never manage to do that with my cars.

Once again, thank you so much for your help and feedback.

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