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is up to you.

first, some nomenclature.

the maf is the sensor. the 986 maf is the same as the 987 maf.

the maf housing is the tube the maf mounts to. on the 986 it is part of the airbox. on the 987 it is a separate tube that attaches to the airbox.

the 986 maf housing is a smaller diameter than the 987 maf housing. the computer multiplies the maf reading by the cross-sectional area of the tube to determine flow. so, change the tube diameter and confuse the computer.

if you do not wish to do a flash then saw the maf housing off of your 986 airbox and plumb it all together. the 987 maf housing is not required.

otherwise, if you plumb it all together using the 987 maf housing then you need a flash that will work with this larger diameter. for a 2000 the solution is a 996 flash. the 996 of the same year had the larger intake tract and the 3.2 runs just fine with this flash. your dealer should be able to provide for you, or anyone with a piwis or pst2 contraption.

the benefits of the latter option are twofold; using the larger diameter maf housing removes a restriction to airflow. second, the thinking is that porsche neutered the boxster so as to not compete with the 996. otherwise a 3.2 should not be 50 hp down on a 3.4. there's only 3 places that can happen - exhaust, intake, ecu (fuelling, timing). so, an ebay exhaust, clean up the intake as much as you can (pro tip - bolt an intake manifold from a 3.4 onto your car) and 996 tune.

Originally Posted by Pololo_Boxster View Post
Reviving this thread, if it's OK with members..

I am going to start doing this upgrade with my 2000 Boxster 986S..

So far I have the following:
1) 987.1 Airbox with the MAF section
2) 74mm TB from the 997
3) Plenum from the same 997

Still a bit confused if I either need to use the 987 MAF or the 986 MAF along with these upgrades?

If I go with the current 986MAF, do I need to have it tuned?

When do I need to have it tuned? if so, what's the best way to do this?

My apologies if this has been covered already... I read through all 16 pages, but still a few questions left..

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