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Track Brake Pad longevity

I own a 1999 Boxster(stock power) that I use for PCA DE events. I pretty much only run at Mosport. I started with EBC yellow brake pads but destroyed them in 1 weekend. Then I went to Dynamic Friction Track pads and they were done after a weekend as well plus they weren't great(get what you pay for).
So then I went and got a set of Hawk DTC-60 pads, which were ok, but even with those the pedal would get a bit long after 3 or 4 laps and they have maybe 1 day left on them after 1 DE weekend. I have tried both Motul RBF660 and 600 fluid. I have Goodridge steel braided lines. GT3 brake ducts. Tires are Hankook RS4 on 17" twists. New Zimmerman rotors.
I do run the car VERY hard. I am in black run group and have startled more than a few much faster cars under braking and into corners.
The other issue is cost. Am I just fighting a losing battle trying to get a good brake pad that will last a few weekends for a decent price? I'd love to upgrade to "S" brakes but it's a cost and availability issue up here.
And yes I do understand that it's a Porsche and it's expensive and if I can't afford it I should sell it and so on and so on.

Just thought I'd ask if somebody has any recommendations other than slowing down or winning the lottery before I pack it in and take up crochet.
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