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I mentioned there was a bit of a misfire I wanted to chase but had been resisting until the timing belt was changed. It could be a clogged fuel injector, a bad plug or wires, or worst case a cyl down on compression.

Implementing Occam's razor, I decided to try the simplest thing first - a dirty fuel injector. A bottle of techron and a full tank of gas. Have done 3 trips since. First trip was 90 mi. Was going to drive the shark up to my home town on Sun morning, which is 100 mi one way, but the battery was down. Took that as a sign to take Punkin but charged the battery and drove 60 mi Sun afternoon. She felt much snappier from the start, so I think the techron is working. Was going to drive again this afternoon but the battery was dead again. Charged it up and drove another 40 mi tonight. Much improved and seems to be going in the right direction. Without having to worry about snapping an old timing belt, I can do a semi-Italian tuneup by running at higher rpms to get the fuel flowing.

I have a set of plug wires and plugs that I plan to swap and I'll probably order a new fuel filter, but I think I've dodged a bullet with it being a cyl down on compression.

Looks like I'll need a new battery. Date on this one is Feb 2020, so it should be good but appears to be troublesome. Hopefully there isn't a drain on the system. There shouldn't be since I pulled all those wires but maybe there was something before that was draining it to death. Or it was dead for so long it doesn't want to hold a charge for very long. We'll see...

Might also have a pair of front wheel bearings that need replacing or a cpl of control arms. Get an intermittent wobble around 70mph. Jacked up the front wheels and there's some play side to side on both fronts. Will need to investigate further to determine the exact problem. Old car problems.
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